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Virginia: Freshwater Drum

Fishing can be weird. I spent 769 days at 19 trophy species in Virginia before finally catching my 20th (white bass) and graduating to Master Angler IV. Then, only 29 days later, I caught a citation in my 21st species (freshwater drum). Like my white bass, this citation came out of Buggs Island and was caught while crappie fishing with Butch Arthur. This new personal best freshwater drum did not last long though. Three hours later, I caught another citation freshwater drum, and it was much bigger than my first one. It weighed 15.69 pounds and measured 31.5 inches long with a 25.25-inch girth. Both trophies were caught on 6-pound test too, which made for quite the battle.


My quest to catch a trophy fish in all 50 states

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