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My Fishing Highlights

So far, I have caught at least one trophy fish in 46 different states:

Alabama:  38-inch flathead catfish

Arizona:  22-inch, 8-pound largemouth

Arkansas:  38-inch (28-pound); 39-inch (25-pound); and 43.5-inch (38-pound) stripers 

California:  18-inch, 2-pound kokanee

Colorado:  39-inch (32-pound) and 37-inch (25-pound) lake trout 

Connecticut:  45.5-inch (33-pound) striper; 45-inch (34-pound) striper; and 12-pound, 14-ounce bluefish

Delaware:  39-inch, 27-pound striper

Florida:  27.5-inch and 24.5-inch largemouth bass 

Georgia:  five rainbow trout meeting or exceeding the 20-inch trophy minimum, with the heaviest being 10 pounds and 23 inches

Idaho:  eight sturgeon at least six feet long

Illinois:  12-pound coho salmon 

Indiana:  14-pound steelhead 

Iowa:  11.5-inch yellow bass

Kansas:  39-inch, 17.8-pound channel catfish 

Kentucky:  37-inch, 17.2 pound flathead catfish

Louisiana:  30-inch red drum

Maryland:  43.5-inch (40 pound) striper, 40-inch striper, and 8.5-foot, 250-pound sand tiger shark

Massachusetts:  900-pound, 115-inch bluefin tuna and 16-inch Atlantic mackerel

Michigan:  42-inch musky

Minnesota:  four lake sturgeon exceeding the 54-inch minimum, with the biggest being 68.5 inches and 81 pounds

Mississippi:  44-inch, 40-pound red drum

Missouri:  27-inch shovelnose sturgeon

Nebraska:  24.5-inch hybrid striped bass

Nevada:  32-inch, 10-pound Lahontan cutthroat trout

New Hampshire:  24-inch lake Atlantic salmon 

New Jersey:  43-inch (30-pound) and 46.75-inch (34-pound) stripers 

New Mexico:  24-inch white bass

New York:  10.5-pound and 10-pound walleye

North Carolina:  12-inch white perch

North Dakota:  18 channel catfish exceeding the 30-inch trophy minimum, with the heaviest being 19.2 pounds and 35 inches

Ohio:  29-inch, 10-pound walleye

Oklahoma:  66-inch, 54-pound paddlefish

Oregon:  6.5-foot, 7-foot, and 9-foot white sturgeon

Pennsylvania:  43-inch (32.2-pound), 40.5-inch (28.8-pound), and 36-inch (19.2-pound) flathead catfish

Rhode Island:  33-inch bluefish

South Carolina:  250-pound, 108-inch bull shark

South Dakota:  six smallmouth bass exceeding the three-pound trophy minimum, with the biggest being 19 inches and 4 pounds, 3 ounces

Tennessee:  48-pound, 42-inch blue catfish

Texas:  81.5-inch, 187-pound alligator gar 

Utah:  22-pound, 40-inch lake trout

Vermont:  24-inch Atlantic salmon and 14-inch cisco (lake herring)

Virginia:  trophies in 22 different freshwater species and 3 saltwater species

Washington:  24-inch, 6.55-pound rainbow trout

West Virginia:  25-inch channel catfish

Wisconsin:  30-inch coho salmon

Wyoming:  49-pound (46-inch) and 23-pound (36-inch) lake trout; 10 kokanee salmon over 3.5 pounds 


For more information on what constitutes a trophy fish, please see the Q&A section.

Oregon trophy sturgeon
Massachusetts Trophy Bluefin Tuna
North Dakota Channel Catfish
Mississippi trophy red drum

So far, I have caught at least one trophy of 45 different species:

Alligator gar (Texas)

Atlantic mackerel (Massachusetts)

Atlantic salmon (New Hampshire, Vermont)

Black crappie (Virginia)

Blue catfish (Tennessee, Virginia)

Bluefin tuna (Massachusetts)

Bluefish (Connecticut, Rhode Island)

Brook trout (Virginia)

Brown Trout (Virginia)

Bull shark (South Carolina)

Carp (Virginia)

Chain pickerel (Virginia)

Channel catfish (Kansas, North Dakota, West Virginia)

Cisco (lake herring) (Vermont)

Cobia (Virginia)

Coho salmon (Illinois, Wisconsin)

Fallfish (Virginia)

Flathead catfish (Alabama, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia)

Freshwater drum (Virginia)

Hybrid striped bass (Nebraska)

Kokanee salmon (California, Wyoming)

Lahontan cutthroat trout (Nevada)

Lake sturgeon (Minnesota)

Lake trout (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming)

Largemouth bass (Arizona, Florida, Virginia)

Longnose gar (Virginia)

Muskellunge (Michigan, Virginia)

Paddlefish (Oklahoma)

Rainbow trout (Georgia, Virginia, Washington)

Red drum (Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia)

Redear sunfish (Virginia)

Rock Bass (Virginia)

Sand Tiger Shark (Maryland)

Shovelnose sturgeon (Missouri)

Smallmouth bass (South Dakota, Virginia)

Steelhead (Indiana)

Striped bass (Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia)

Sunfish (Virginia)

Walleye (New York, Ohio, Virginia)

White bass (New Mexico, Virginia)

White crappie (Virginia)

White perch (North Carolina, Virginia)

White sturgeon (Idaho, Oregon)

Yellow bass (Iowa)

Yellow perch (Virginia)

Virginia trophy blue catfish
Virginia trophy musky
Oklahoma trophy paddlefish
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