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Tennessee was my second day of fishing with Mike Mitchell of Southern Cats Guide Service; we had had a successful day of fishing in Alabama the day before. As I mentioned in the description for Alabama, Mike put a client on a 102-pound catfish and no one knows where the big catfish are better than he does.

We targeted blue catfish on the Tennessee and Hiwassee Rivers northeast of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Unlike the sunny day we had had in Alabama the day before, the fog was so thick in Tennessee that you could barely see the shore. It gave the fishing a fascinating and eerie feel, especially when you heard the wildlife moving on the shore and in the water, but could not see anything. I had much better luck fishing in Tennessee; I caught eight blue catfish, with the biggest being a 48-pound, 42-inch trophy. The other seven ranged from six pounds to an 18-pound, 34-incher

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