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The fishing opportunities of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are numerous, but I headed to Detroit for my fishing trip. I had a hunch that Detroit would be an awesome place, if you were fortunate enough to have a job and did not go in the winter, and I was very happy to be proven right. The Detroit River is beautiful and the downtown is full of things to do. I saw the Tigers play the Athletics, whom, oddly enough, have been the visiting team in the games I have attended over the years when traveling to Seattle, Baltimore, Minnesota, and Phoenix.

Detroit would have been outstanding even if I had not had an amazing fishing trip, but, luckily, I did. I fished with Steve VanAssche (, who first caught my attention by guaranteeing musky. I knew I had to meet the man who could guarantee musky, and Steve did not disappoint. We fished Lake St. Clair on a sunny and clear 96-degree day. I caught 12 muskies [yes, you read that right: 12 muskies], five in the first 30 minutes of fishing. The biggest of my 12 muskies was 42 inches, good enough for a Michigan Master Angler Award. Of the remaining 11 fish I caught, three were longer than 36 inches.

To give you an idea of how good of a guide Steve is, he seemed disappointed that I did not catch bigger and better fish, and the pictures on his website clearly show that he has caught many bigger and better fish. But catching 12 muskies, including a 42-incher, is certainly an extremely successful day in my book.

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