Fishing the Fifty

My Quest to Fish All 50 States

New Hampshire

Like its western neighbor Vermont, New Hampshire has a great deal of natural beauty.  While I could have fished from New Hampshire’s 13 – 18 miles of coastline for stripers, I instead headed to Laconia to fish Lake Winnipesaukee with Glen Leathers (, a third generation Winnipesaukee native.


We fished for Atlantic salmon and lake trout, and caught and released four salmon and three lake trout.  This was my first time catching either species because we do not have them in Virginia.  My first New Hampshire fish was a beautiful 24-inch salmon, good enough for a New Hampshire Trophy Fish award.  My first and second lake trout hit almost simultaneously; the bigger one was 19 inches and the smaller was 18 inches.  


Laconia is a nice small town and I spent some of my free time going to a local baseball card store for the first time in years.

Welcome to New Hampshire

I saw this sign and knew I had to eat here

New Hampshire mountains

My first New Hampshire fish and my first Atlantic salmon, a beautiful 24-inch trophy

Double lake trout

Sunset on Lake Winnipesaukee

The morning on Lake Winnipesaukee

The bigger of my first two lake trout, 19 inches