Fishing the Fifty

My Quest to Fish All 50 States


Minnesota was the first of the three states I covered on the trip that included the Dakotas.  I arrived in Minneapolis on a Saturday and saw a baseball game at Target Field.  I never plan my trips around the baseball schedule, but whenever I am in town when there is a home game, I buy a cheap ticket and go.  The Twins were playing the Athletics, who often seem to be in town when I am traveling and want to see a game; I have seen them play over the years in Seattle, Baltimore, Detroit, and Phoenix.


As for the fishing, I headed to Duluth to fish Lake Superior for salmon and trout with Jon Dahl (  I owe it to Jon to mention that he told me specifically that late August and early September are the best months for big ones and that July (when I planned to go) can be slow with the bigger ones harder to find.  However, for the first and only time, and in an effort to save money by combining Minnesota with the Dakotas, I did not heed this advice, and rolled the dice and went in July anyway.  While my risk-taking did not pay off with an unexpected trophy, I did have a great time catching eight lake trout, including a six-pounder, and five salmon, including a four-pounder and 4.5-pounder, on a clear and calm 88-degree day.  Jon is a great teacher and a fun guy with whom to spend the day.


Minnesota welcomes you

A calm day on the big lake they call Gitche Gumee

My biggest Minnesota fish, a six-pound lake trout

My biggest Minnesota king salmon (4.5 pounds) 

Twins game at Target Field

My first Minnesota fish, a four-pound lake trout

Four-pound king salmon

The day's catch; the other fish were released

Aboard the Happy Hooker