Fishing the Fifty

My Quest to Fish All 50 States


Connecticut is home to the world record striped bass (81.88 pounds), so fishing for stripers in Connecticut was a no-brainer.  As always, I wanted to target big fish rather than numbers.  I found a guide who was a great fisherman, but, as it turned out, not a great guide.  Even though his methods clearly worked for him, they were esoteric and he could not be bothered to give me instructions because he was too busy fishing on his side of the boat.  Fortunately, I had fished for stripers a time or two before, so I fished my way, caught two fish (35 and 37 inches) before the bite died out, and thus successfully crossed Connecticut off the list.

Welcome to Connecticut

My first Connecticut fish, a 35-inch, 15-pound striper

Sunrise over Long Island Sound

The bigger of my two Connecticut fish, a 37-inch, 20-pound striper

Fall foliage from another trip to Connecticut where I unfortunately did not have time to fish